8. A Loan Made to a California Business (corporation, or limited liability company) that has $2,000,000 or More in Assets OR that is for $300,000 or More MAY be Exempt From California’s Usury Law IF: (a) the lender and the borrower (or any of its officers, directors or controlling persons) have a pre-existing personal, or business.

Florida Homestead Law. florida homestead law protects a Florida resident’s primary home from levy and execution by their judgment creditors through Article X, Section 4 of the Florida Constitution and asset protection planning.Due to Florida homestead exemption laws, a judgment creditor cannot force the sale of your home to satisfy a money judgment.

Nearly three years into the Trump Administration, you may think the pendulum for banking regulations – Dodd-Frank rules.

Florida law does not use the term "personal loan" at all. Florida statute 687.03 is the usury statute. It provides generally that the maximum interest rate that may be charged on a loan is 18% simple interest unless the loan principal exceeds $500,000, in which case an alternate rate of interest is used for usury.

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(4) In making loans or extensions of credit at a rate of interest that, but for this section, would not be authorized, lenders or creditors shall indicate on the promissory note or other instrument evidencing the loan or extension of credit the specific chapter of the Florida Statutes authorizing the interest rate charged.

Florida interest rate laws are stated in Florida Statutes, Title 55(Civil Practice and Procedure), Chapter 55(Judgments), and title 39(commercial relations), Chapter 687(Interest and Usury.

The stated general usury limit is the rate that can be charged by one person or corporation to another. In other words, if you lend your next door neighbor 0.00, the rate stated is the limit. If you want to charge more than the listed rate, you would need a special license such as a banking or pawnbroking license.

Under the Dodd-Frank Act, any person who offers and negotiates terms of a residential mortgage loan is deemed to be a “mortgage loan originator” and must be a licensed mortgage broker in compliance with all laws, unless one of the seller-financing exceptions described below apply.

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National attention is turning to the high-profile mortgage foreclosure case of Bartram v. U.S. Bank as it comes before the Florida Supreme Court in oral. What the Fifth District ignored is that.