· Democrats, Guns, and Illegal Immigrants Just last week, House Democrats voted against alerting law enforcement when an illegal immigrant tries to purchase a gun. The other day, a man who’s been deported TWICE nearly killed deputy riley jarecki during a traffic stop.

MAGAbomber is the perfect LateStageCapitalism sucker: lost his house when Steve Mnuchin fraudulently foreclosed on it, convinced by Fox that Dems and black folks were to blame, radicalized by Trump to violence.

She completed her next-to-nothing ensemble with a stack of bangles on her wrist as she visited the golden arches with a weather appropriately dressed friend in a camouflage bomber jacket, black jeans.

 · Rooster taking credit for the sunrise. The tax scam was a bust except for being an enormous transfer of wealth to the rich and corporations at the expense of huge deficit increase requiring more treasury debt service.

Easy Ways To avoid Hemorrhoids Twitter has a really handy feature that all social media should have, which automatically filters and hides any tweets that contain a list of words you’ve chosen to mute. Twitter users, visit settings.

The three-pointed object has been touted as an alien UFO, a drone and even a Russian bomber plane after it was photographed last week. Scroll down for video However, it has now been claimed the.

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I’ve already already got dibs on the kids. The first kid is going to be a Bomber.’ ‘The comment piques the interest of Brendan who asked Sarah: ‘Are you having a baby?’ However the redhead brushed off.

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Senate Democrats have already attacked Mnuchin over OneWest’s foreclosure practices, even setting up a website inviting foreclosure victims to tell their stories. One of those victims, Teena Colebrook, voted for Donald Trump but lost her faith in that decision after the Mnuchin pick. In an interview, Colebrook alleged discrepancies on her substitution of trustee, similar to what was described in the package memo.

Foreclosure Mnuchin Was Of Illegal By Bomber Victim MAGA Steve A An – Valoanwestpalmbeachfl on Document Suggests Steve Mnuchin’s Bank Fraudulently Foreclosed on Alleged MAGA Bomber James Schmidt on Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post Has run 4 op-eds Attacking Bernie Sanders Since Tuesday

The following is the result of my deep(ish) dive into the false narrative of, "she didn’t indict Steve Mnuchin cuz he bribed her": Here we have this white bro David Dayden, who does not have.