Most of these answers are correct in saying that history is not strictly a science, as it has epistemological limitations that prevent it from applying the scientific method. But I think there should be a little more nuance to the answer. What d.

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Epistemic justification is an evaluative concept about the conditions for right or fitting belief. A plausible theory of epistemic justification must explain how beliefs are justified, the role justification plays in knowledge, and the value of justification.

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So psychological theories based on ordinary understandings of the mind have to also be abandoned. “When I say, I love my daughter,’ I am saying something true,” Davies said. “But what exactly makes.

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An approach in epistemology that applies the resources of virtue theory to problems in the theory of knowledge. It is argued that by doing so it is possible to give informative accounts of knowledge, evidence, and other important epistemic concepts, while solving a wide range of problems that have plagued other approaches in the theory of knowledge.

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If they succeed, we shall no longer find it paradoxical to assert that being that can be understood is language. This slogan will be taken as a common-sensical account of what understanding is, rather than as a contrived attempt to improve the image of the humanities.

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Having abandoned its roots in the subjective methods of introspectionism and the interpretive bent of psychoanalysis, and having shrugged or laughed off the more recent postmodern turn, mainstream experimental psychology remains strongly attached to the standard scientific epistemology.